Moodle 2.2. by Miroslav Sklenar

On June 20th there was our first Moodle 2.x training run by our Moodle/Mahara installation provider - PC HELP based in Trebic, Czech Republic. 

We were told what e-learning comprises, shown some course and interface realizations and when our requirements were clear we proceeded to Moodle itself.

After log in and profile settings we tried to make our own course and fill it with various Activities available in Moodle. Book and Quizzes were completely new to me.

We were all impressed with what Moodle 2.2 has to offer, with the wide range of Quiz options, Question types and organisation and our biggest advantage probably was that we had never used Quizzes in Moodle 1.9.


There are several items to be discussed and customized:

  • Moodle bars, course categories
  • Activity choice and preferences
  • Blogs in Moodle?
  • SecExam installations