Certifications, Accreditations, and Awards

Autonomous Learner course
January 2015

Nikki Fortova Shaun Wilden 1) The web of words 2) To flip or not to flip 3) Mobile learning (BYOD)

IMPACT workshop tutored by Nikki Fortova and Shaun Wilden. 1) Getting your head in the cloud 2) Developing writing skills 3) Developing speaking and pronunciation

Mgr. Klára Šeďová, Ph.D. Mgr. Roman Švaříček, Ph.D. Kvalitativní seminář v rámci ČAPV 2013 Efektivita vzdělávání v proměnách společnosti, Ústí nad Labem

LMS Moodle 2.5 pro učitele

First Moodle MOOC given by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Toronto, Canada.

Joanne Eastlake Academic writing as social practice Text types The academic communities and disciplines Other academic literacies Academic writing as critical thinking Developing arguments Identifying false arguments Ownership and critical engagement Academic writing as text Assessment discourse – making assessment clear from the outset Feedback – making the implicit explicit Feedback for learning Academic writing as process Planning your students’ work Feeding back on student work in progress How to help your students avoid plagiarism Activities and approaches to help learners develop writing skills Collaborative writing Peer reading and feedback Using social media Speaking to writing Other types of writing in the academic process Writing in the lecture/seminar/ learning teaching cycle.

Curation tools for students and teachers with Kristina Smith (Turkey) Curation is about creating a collection of links to your favorite online content (pictures, worksheets, presentations, articles, etc.) storing the links so they are easy to find from a single page sharing them with other teachers who will also share with you accessing the most useful links quickly through a network of people with similar interests possibly also collaborating with others to create these collections For teachers this means sharing resources quickly and easily with other teachers around the world. It also opens up the possibility for students to create their own collections of resources. In this webinar we'll look at some tools for 'content curation', examine their advantages and possible drawbacks and consider the issue of copyright when sharing other people's content. We'll do this while looking at real examples of how teachers and students are using these tools. By the end of the webinar I hope you will be motivated to explore some of these tools for yourselves.

a workshop given by Kristina Smith and Isil Boy from Istanbul University on ICT tool management in the classroom

a workshop given by Kristina Smith and Isil Boy from Istanbul University on ICT tools language teachers may use in the classroom

UNICOM TRAINING Intercultural Communication - Multinational Corporation Aspect The course given by two experts Judith Mader and Rudi Camerer

UNICOM training given by PCHelp representative Mgr. Miroslav Sklenář. 1) Moodle 2.3 upgrade and news 2) Assigments 3) Groups 4) Workshop

UNICOM two-day intensive training on Mahara utilization and implementation given by Mahara specialist Sieglinde Jakob-Kuhn form Germany.

UNICOM course related to key activity KA04 - e-Learning in education

UNICOM seminar given by Delia Jackson and Simon Smith from the University of Central Lancashire

Academic Writing I - Andy Gillett
MS PowerPoint II
MS Power Point I

training - Excel 2010 basics - Excel 2010 advanced - practical usage

Vhled do problematiky veřejného obstarávání a zadávaní veřejných zakázek.

Introduction into the field of Academic Writing

Sigi-Jakob Kuhn a front German Mahara specialist, MoodleMoot organiser

eLeaning course on Distance Education - eLearning material creation, Author Law, research Lucie Rohlíková Jana Vejvodová ÚCV Plzeň http://home.zcu.cz/~lrohlik/

eLearning course on Distance Education by Lucie Rohlíková Plzeň

Jury award for originality of the course design (English for Health Studies)

MUNI - Tamara Váňová

FRVŠ grant řešitel: Mgr. Linda Pospíšilová spoluřešitelé: Mgr. Markéta Denksteinová, Ing. Lukáš Slánský