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Culture and Language Scheme _Visby 2017

The above scheme is collaboration between Language Center of University of Pardubice and University of Uppsala, Campus Gotland, Sweden. The scheme builds on students’ knowledge of English and aims to raise their awareness of intercultural aspects of international business and develop their communication skills.

This page serves the purpose of a group platform that introduces the group members and allows them to create and share their assigned tasks.

1) GROUP MEMBER PROFILES (see the group page) - Deadline: 30 March 2017

2) CZECH CULTURE EVENT ACTIVITIES (see the group page) - Deadline: 3 April 2017

3) REFLECTIVE DIARY PAGES- to be created individually by the group members in their portfolio pages and shared with the group (Visby 2017) - Please follow the instructions for creating a shared page in Mahara - see MAHARA MANUALS

Created: 17 March 2017

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