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Interesting facts about Gaudí

Why Gaudí?

I visited  Barcelona the last week of summer holiday 2012. It was a generally exceptional holiday: I was robbed the very first day and it influenced my feelings a lot, but what helped me the most was visiting Sagrada Família on the very same day, after the robbery. My thoughts turned to greatness of Gaudí's art, his love of God and remarkable craftsmanshift. The construction and its fate are both equally impressive. We spent about three hours inside the Basílica and I did not want to leave at the end...


Sagrada Família


Gaudí and Nature

This collage is my first experiment with Photoshop. I wanted to put together all the real inspiration sources of Gaudí's art in nature I had been able to find while strolling one of the Barcelona's parks.


Unmask Casa Batló

By clicking on this link Unmask Casa Batló you will see more of what was behind Gaudí's originality.



14 April 2014, 1:39 PM

Milá Lindo,

díky za inspirující stránku o Gaudiího katedrále, až budeš ve Vídni, můžeš navštívit Hundertwasserhaus (viz moje stránka o Vídni), určitě se ti bude líbit Lachend. Š.

Linda Pospisilova
10 October 2015, 9:59 PM

Děkuji Šárko, podařilo se a Hundertwasserhaus byl pro mne nezapomenutelným zážitkem.